Magni Rings Spin Into The UK With Hunter Price

Hunter Price International has unveiled the next generation of fidget and tactile toys, with its brand new Magni Rings!  

Predicted to be the new must-have fidget gadget to dominate the pocket money toy market, Magni Rings is set to spin into the UK in a big way this month.

Launched under Hunter Price’s Toy Mania brand, Magni Rings are a set of three spinning rings lined with super-strong rare earth magnets which you can spin, flip, play, trick and stick. From the figure 8 and the sticky spin, to table and flick games with friends, Magni Rings keep both children and adults entertained.

Fully tested, certified and suitable for children aged eight and over, the launch edition pack comes with three embossed Magni Rings, in blue, orange and green.

Talking about the launch, Jeremy Winburn, commercial director at Hunter Price International, explained: “We’ve always got our fingers on the pulse when it comes to new and innovative products and we firmly believe the brand new Magni Rings are going to be a big hit.

“We’re excited to see Magni Rings hit stores across the country this month and we can’t wait to see all the new tricks and games we know are going to be developed by kids and adults alike.

“As well as offering market leading pricing, we’re also well under way with numerous NPD innovations for phase two – so they’re ideal for collectability! Watch this space for what’s to come very soon.”

To support the launch of Magni Rings, Hunter Price will be working with all its retail partners across all marketing channels, including digital, PR, social media and in-store support to engage and excite consumers.